2 Second Cycle Time

The Range Road RR10E Split’r dun 10-Ton Kinetic Log Splitter smashes its competitors, splitting logs up to seven times faster than traditional hydraulic log splitters. The electric log splitter harnesses the inertia of two fly wheels and a rack and pinion system to create an astonishing two second cycle time.

Avoiding the noise, heat and fumes of a gas engine, the electric log splitter utilizes standard household current making it reliable and easy to use. With no harsh fumes and minimal noise you can comfortably and safely operate this innovative machine indoors.

With ten tons of splitting force, the time saving design easily splits even hardwood. The powerful 1.7HP electric motor generates enough force to split 16“ diameter logs up to 20“ long.

The 10-ton log splitter will be sure to increase your productivity and revolutionize how you split logs.

Weighing 140 pounds, the splitter’s compact design moves easily for convenient operation.

Designed with safety in mind, two hands are required for operation and removing your hand from the lever automatically retracts the rack.

 Heavy steel construction.



RR10E Split’r dun Kinetic Log Splitter
Assembly, Tax & Freight Extra
Maximum Splitting Force: 10 Tons
Electrical Requirement: 110V/60Hz
Power Input: 1300W
Power Output: 1100W
Rated Current: 16A
Motor: 1.7HP
Cycle Time: 2 seconds
Maximum Log Length: 20"
Maximum Log Diameter: 16"
Tire Size: 7" Solid
Weight: 145 lbs
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