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RR103 Assembled With Option RR104 Extension

RR103 RR104

Introducing the RR103 - Range Road's newest log table! This table is designed to meet the demand for a stronger live deck & give the ability to handle more logs when you need it. The RR103 is an alternative to the popular RR102 live deck. The RR103 has the option to use alone or paired with the RR104 extension. By combining the two units the log table doubles in width doubling log load capacity.

The RR103 will improve the efficiency in any wood processing operation, reducing time for log handling.

The new RR103 features 3 heavy duty rollers on the hydraulic infeed, 8 support feet & 4 log stops adding to the solid, sturdy design of the table. Both the hydraulic infeed and live deck are assisted with a chain drive advance system to move the logs. Live deck has 2- #60 chains to move the logs & the infeed has 1- #50 chain that drive 2 of the 3 rollers.

Adjustable leg height - minimum roller height 82cm (32").

The infeed and live deck are operated with a dual lever control valve.

The RR103 can be purchased on its own or in combination with the RR104, see information below.

***The RR104 is NOT compatible with the RR102***

RR103 Log Table
Tax & Shipping Extra
Overall Dimensions: 167" x 7' (4.25m x 2.13m)
Log Deck Dimensions: 3.4m x 2.13m (134" x 7')
2 - #60 Chains to Move Logs
Drive Roller Deck Dimensions: 24" x 7' (61cm x 2.13m)
1 - #50 Chain
2 - Chain Drive Rollers
1 - Idler Roller
Crate Dimension:
Crate Weight: 450kg
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table extension


RR103 with RR104

The RR104 compliments the RR103 by doubling the load capability and adding even more log support. This option allows the user to have more logs loaded ready for firewood processing.

The extension itself features 2 rollers, 4 leg supports, 2 log stops & an additional live deck chain.

Giving the complete assembly RR103 + RR104 - 3 deck- #60 chains, 5 infeed rollers & 12 leg supports!

TheRR104 connects with ease to the RR103 on either side of the unit.

**The RR104 cannot be used separately**

All necessary hardware included.

RR104 Log Table Extension
In Stock
Tax, Assembly & Freight Extra
Overall Dimension: 167" x 7' (4.25m x 2.13m)
Log Deck Dimension: 134" x 7' (3.4m x 2.13m)
1 - #60 Chain to Move Logs
Driver Roller Deck Dimension: 24" x 7' (61cm x 2.13m)
2 - Idler Rollers
Crate Dimension: 219cm x 36cm x 64cm
Crate Weight: 250kg
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