EcoPro300 Firewood Processor

firewood processorIntroducing our highly rated firewood processor, the EcoPro300!

This unit comes ready to work and is loaded with features. The EcoPro300 has the cycle time of our previous 20 ton unit but also has the extra torque of the 27 ton to make splitting easier.

Range Road processors can split all wood types found throughout North America with ease. Soft or hard wood, this machine will split your logs!

Upgrade the roller bar infeed with our popular RR2520 Hydraulic Infeed


EcoPro300 Review by Rich Mellon from Trapping TV (belt infeed option discontinued)

The EcoPro300 w/standard roller infeed shown with RR103 log table & RR104 optional extension.

Video by customer Jason - showing EcoPro300 equipped with optional RR2520 hydraulic infeed & RR106 log lifter

Standard EcoPro300 features;

  • Hydraulic Ram w/7 Second Cycle Time
  • Hydraulic 20" Chainsaw Bar & .325 Chain
  • Maximum Log Diameter 16"
  • Maximum Splitting Length 24" (adjustable)
  • Adjustable 2-4 Way Splitter
  • Log Hold Down
  • 3 Meter Output Conveyor
  • 10" Wide Conveyor Belt
  • Winch Kit
  • Conveyor Height 2m based on 16" Length Cuts (longer pieces = lower height)
  • Hourmeter
  • Emergency Kill Switch
  • Conveyor Speed Control/Shut Off
  • Roller Infeed
  • Draw Bar w/Tongue Jack
  • 2" Coupler
  • Folds Up Easily for Transport