RR105 Log Lifter with Infeed

The RR105 Hydraulic Infeed with Log Lifter will mate up with any Range Road RR2000, RR2500, RR20T & RR27T Firewood Processor. The RR105 allows you to roll a log onto the cradle, use the hydraulic control lever to lift the log up, roll it onto the table, use the same lever to drop the log lift cradle and use the 2nd lever to move the log in or out. It is equipped with 1 hydraulically driven infeed roller and 1 hydraulic lift cylinder driven by the conveyor circuit of the processor.


RR105 Hydraulic Infeed with Log Lifter
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The RR105 easily connects to the hydraulics on any RR2000, RR2500, RR20T or RR27T Range Road Firewood Processor.

34" High to drive roller
56 1/2" Long x 51" Wide
Lifts 800lbs

Unit weight: 355 lbs
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RR105 Log Table