Our newest tandem Axle walking beam trailer.

The Range Road RR608 is a Hydraulic Dump Trailer that has a ton of features, the frame is specifically made to hold the hydraulic cylinder and 12 volt hydraulic pump under the tub.

- The trailer tongue is designed with a pivoting ball hitch ensuring that the trailer and your machine function and ride independent of one another. It also features a greaseable fitting.

- The dump box is galvanized and has a bottom swing tailgate, like a dump truck.

- The Tailgate is removable for longer loads.

-The Box sides are removable as well, making the trailer into a flat deck.

- The complete chassis system connects to a heavy duty, tandem walking beam axle system, featuring 4-bolt hub bearings, where the four 22×11-10 6Ply off-road ATV tires are mounted. The walking beam suspension utilizes one pivoting pin that comes standard with a greaseable fitting.

-The RR608 Trailer is a lighter & smaller version of our very popular RR651 Trailer


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Hauling Capacity:

Dumping Capacity:

Overall Dimensions:

Tow Ball Size:

Ground Clearance:

Tub Volume:

Tub Dimensions:

Comes with Battery Box:

Number of Tires:

Tire Size:

RR608 Atv / Utv Hydraulic Dump/Deck Trailer


1584 Lb.

1090 Lb.

144" x 49" x 44"


13" at Frame, 9" at axles

1 Yard

75 3/4" x 39.5" x 1 3/4"

Battery Included


22x11-10 6 Ply

Tax & Freight not Included