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Range Road Warranty

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All Range Road Products must be Registered within 30 days of purchase to activate the warranty.

Please fill in out the Warranty Document and email it to

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Assembly Manuals - Click Here

Any modification

to Range Road Products

can void their warranty

Failure to do regular maintenance on your

Range Road equipment will void warranty

 Use Only: AW Series Hydraulic Oil

(AW22, AW32, AW46)

use of any other type of oil may cause severe damage

Remember that our Hydraulic chainsaw runs the same as a standard chainsaw - do not overtighten the chain as you could put too much pressure on the saw motor causing the seal to leak or you could break the chain.

Let the saw do the work, don't force the blade through your log and the chain will last longer.

**Remember for safety and to help your processor work the best**

Logs must be loaded into the Firewood Processor butt end (large end) first, this helps to keep the log stable and also helps the wood move through the wedge properly